Friday, April 1, 2011

What Do You Do When You Have An Appendicitis? Quilt Of Course!!

I have been super excited to make a quilt for a friend of mine at work that is having a baby boy soon. Her shower was moved up with only a few days warning because baby Parks appears to be considering making his entrance into the world early. (Parks is his first name.) Luckily I already had my fabric gathered and design in mind. I wanted to make a strip quilt like the awesome one I had seen at Film in the Fridge. She has a mini-tutorial about how to make one here: Strip Quilt Tutorial. The problem was I started feeling sick last weekend and I wasn't getting much better.

I had been working this week in pretty bad pain, but didn't go to the doctor because I though I had too much to do this week. (Yes, stupid....I know! I cut all the fabric Tuesday night and pieced the front panel. Wednesday night I put together the back panel, basted the quilt, straight line quilted it, and completed the binding. I was sooooo not feeling awesome, but I thought I was being a Hypercondriac. I broke down and called my doctor Thursday afternoon and was sent straight to the ER. It turns out I have had an Appendicitis all week. They did an emergency Appendectomy immediately. Luckily I should be able to return to work in 3 or 4 days. I even got to come home around midnight the same night.

On a fun note, the surgeon said I had 2 Appendixes! In 20 years of practice he has never seen or heard of that and asked my permission to write it up in a medical journal. One was about to rupture, the other was fine. He took both out. He said I was "one of a kind". My parents have told me I was one of a kind for years, but are normally rolling their eyes at that same time. (haha)

The grey and black guitar fabric is Parks nursery fabric. The rest I picked myself. It is a mix of mainly Michael Miller and Moda prints with a couple others thrown in. I love, love, love the final product. (I can say that about my own creation without sounding vain.....right??)

I added 3 more bright strips to the back and bound it with a solid black fabric.

I wanted to include a picture of the piecing process. I literally just started cutting the fabrics into strips ranging from 2-9 inches each with no rhyme or reason to each. Then I laid them out on the bed and my hubbie helped pick the perfect placement for each.

A friend ordered this set as a gift for baby Parks. I made it the morning after my surgery, which provided a great distraction from the pain. He will be quite a stylin' baby boy! 

Tuesday, March 1, 2011

A Personalized Birthday Present for Mom

Life has gotten even busier and crazier than normal, so I haven't had time to blog lately. I have several things to show from the last few weeks in my upcoming posts. I wanted to start with the pillow I made my mom for her birthday because I was super happy with the final product. She also seemed to love it!

I had an idea of what I wanted and looked all over the web for a pattern, but couldn't find one to match my needs. I decided to make my own, so I made graph paper on Excel and printed it. I then used the graph paper to design the look of the pillow and proportion out each fabric piece before actually cutting any fabric. This worked great.

I used seven different upholstery fabric that each had a different design and texture. The picture just doesn't do the fabrics justice, the colors are actually much deeper and richer. The name in the middle is my mom and step-dad's last name and is embroidered in dark brown.

The back is the same velvety sage fabric as the center of the front. I made it as a pillow cover so it could be cleaned if needed. I even made the pillow inside it myself.

Here is the front before it was sewn together. Excuse the horrible picture. Once it was time to sew the piece, I realized I had no idea how to sew this kind of piecing together. (Each piece is sewn to three others, so they have to kinda have to be built on each other. I have no idea how to explain this well.) After a few seem ripping episodes, I figured it out. I did the embroidery first so I could get the correct placement of the name easier. The paper pieces around the edges are part of my pattern.

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Tuesday, February 8, 2011

A New Bag

Today is one of my best friend's birthday. (As she once said, she is now 29 plus tax, shipping, and handling!) She and I taught together, went to grad school together, and now sit just a few feet apart at our main office. We have watched each others' kids grow up the last few years as well. We are heading to a conference in Houston in a couple of weeks that we are excited about........and yes, in our world a kid-free trip to Houston is exciting. I wanted to make her some special to carry around at the conference that she could also use at work sometimes. Here is what she opened today:

The main fabric is "Mocca" by Alexander Henry. The great red and white polka dot is from the Moda Bliss line. I used blue thread for the stitching so it would stand out and appliquéd on a fabric by her name.

Back View

Side View- I used stiff Pellon as the liner to make the bag very structured.

The inside is a Michael Miller print, which I love mixed with the others. I added three pockets from the red dot fabric, a magnetic closure, and a zipper pocket.

The pocket is lined in the outside fabric.

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Thursday, February 3, 2011

Dove of Peace T-Shirt

I love my cross shirt so much that I wanted to make another appliquéd shirt for myself. I bought a plain navy shirt for about $12 and I knew I wanted to use an abstract Anna Marie Horner fabric I had in my stash. I had a hard time deciding what I wanted, but finally decided on the dove of peace holding an olive branch. I added a 1.5in. x 1.5in. peace sign to the sleeve for fun. I love how it turned out and it has held up well after several washes!

My 7 year old took this picture. She was so excited to 'help' with the blog.

The peace sign on the sleeve was fun to add.

Thursday, January 27, 2011

Pillow Covers

I whipped up these pillow covers for a friend's nursery with fabric from the Michael Miller Groovy Guitars line. They were fun and quick to make. I used a wonderful tutorial from Momfetti. (Momfetti Tutorial) I was happy with how they turned out and was surprised at home simple they were. I think this fabric is a super cute accent for her baby boy's nursery!

Sunday, January 9, 2011

Our New Family Member and A Snowy Dallas Day!

This is the newest member of our family. It is a Janome Harmony 9102D. She was a Christmas gift from my wonderful husband. ( I picked it out and ordered it, but he wrapped it and put it under the tree. That still counts as being from him, right?) I have it threaded and have played on it some, but I haven't made anything with it yet. So I have a couple of questions for the peanut gallery:

1. What do you use your serger for? Why do you love it?

2. Do you know any good resources for serger beginners? (ie. website, books, ect.)

I thought I would show you the rest of the crew as well. Here are my other "babies":
I love Nomey, my Janome DC2007LE. I bought a cheap Brother for my first machine when I started sewing in November 2009. I outgrew that machine almost as soon as I pulled it out of the box. Within a few weeks I bought this workhorse of a machine and have lived happily ever after. (Well, in my own little sewing world!)

I bought the Brother PE-770 embroidery machine in May 2010. I like it and it has served me well, but I have not utilized it as much as I should. I have much more to learn about this machine and need to put more time into it.

Finally, it snowed in DFW today. We actually got much more than this, but I didn't get pictures of the rest before dark. This is a rare occurrence here, so the kids were thrilled to get outside and play in it!

Thursday, January 6, 2011

The Final Christmas Run-Down Post- Another Bag

My sister commissioned this bag to give her boss as a Christmas present. She even went shopping with me to find the perfect fabric in the warehouse district, which was a fun day! The fabric she chose was a beautiful heavy home drapery fabric. 

The fabric is a beautiful deep brown and turquoise. The bottom is not really wonky, I took the picture at a bad angle.

I found the matching interior fabric on my own. It was to hard find, but it was a great match and I was really happy with the final product. The inside has a zipper pocket and several regular pockets.

**This is the last post with my bad cell phone pictures. Whoo hoo!