Friday, July 16, 2010

Wonkey Owls, My First Clutch Purse, and My Poor Sick Girls

My two youngest came down with a horrible, totally icky, projectile vomit, stomach virus this week. It lasted 48 hours each, and of course none of their sick days overlapped. (I know that is probably way too much information! LOL) Their sad faces motivated me to make them these cute owls I had seen on a tutorial, which even included a pattern. (Owl Tutorial) I made one for my nephew too since he is so darn cute. The owls' body's are made out of softie/minky with cotton fabric accents. I changed a couple of things. I made the wings stick out, so I didn't leave them with raw edges. I also added a pocket in the back, which is basically where the booty would be. They turned out fun and wonky, just what I wanted! They LOVED them and went crazy over the pockets! They have already carried many different things in them, as well as used the pockets to slide their hands into and make them fly. Since my nephew is so young, I sewed his own button eyes own really, really, really well and then glued them. Here are some pictures of my pitiful looking sick girls and their owls.

My oldest has stayed healthy, thank goodness! Instead of an owl, she asked for a clutch like the cute ones we have seen on other peoples' blogs. I decided to make my own pattern, which was not as easy as I assumed it would be. She picked out the denim, satin zebra print,shiny purple,and buttons. It did not turn out anything like I had imagined, but it is a decent first attempt. She seemed to like it.