Thursday, October 28, 2010

The Girls' First Sewing Lesson- Creating a Pumpkin Patch

Morgan and MaKenna wanted to learn to sew on a machine, but I told them you must learn to hand sew first. The excitedly participated in their first lesson with me this week. (Mary Alex thought her skills were way too advanced to participate in our sewing fun.) I found this great link on sewing fabric pumpkins: Family Fun To Go. The girls and I used thick craft thread and large needles to make the big basting stitches required since that seemed the easiest method for them. I let them pick any fabric they wanted from my stash. As you can tell, most of them do not look very fall-ish at all. They love them and plan to pass them out to their teachers and aunts.
The Girls' Crazy Group of Pumpkins!
MaKenna's Set Includes a Texas Ranger Themed Pumpkin
Morgan's Batch of Fun Girly Pumpkins! At least one is in fall colors. haha


  1. I LOVE that your daughters are learning to sew...and you are the one teaching them! What fun memories these are going to be!

  2. These are so much fun! I love that you used a real stick!!

  3. Courtney, those are soooo great! I'm sure both you and the girls enjoyed making those, and I know the time you spent making the pumpkins together is something they will always remember. And, I bet their teachers and aunts will be thrilled with their gifts! :o)



  4. Visiting from Lady Bloggers and decided to stay. maybe I will learn some crafts from you. My blog is about food, family and friends...