Friday, October 29, 2010

My Extraordinary Estate Sale Find!

I found a local estate sale listed on Craig's List that touted lots of sewing items, so I headed over last week. I hit the jackpot! When I arrived at the home I met one of the former owners' friends. I found out that the lady that had lived in the house was a master seamstress that created beautiful costumes for dance studios, which was evident by her sewing room. She suddenly died of a stroke in the car on the way to her husband's funeral. How sad, yet sorta sweet, in some way!?! I pictured a sweet old couple that couldn't live without each other.
As I ventured in her sewing room I was in awe, there were awesome sewing notions everywhere. I gathered up as much as I had time to go through the first day, then came back on the last day of the sale when everything was 75% off. Check out the extraordinary finds I found. I only spent a total of $65 combined over the two days.
65 spools of Gutermann and Sulky thread, which is all I use. Some are shining, some are embroidery, some are mixed colors.....but, all will be fun to play with!
Just about any kind of adhesive I could ever want for crafting and sewing! 
Enough Heat & Bond to last a looonnnnggggg time, assorted snaps and the tool you put them on with, a roll stabilizer for embroidery, jingle bells to add to our Christmas stalkings, Stay Tape, sticky back wall hooks, and 3 straps for making heavy duty bags
Tons and tons of binding/bias tape, rick-rack, lace, and other decorative sewing elements....I can wait to use some of this!
1980's looking shirt ties I thought my girls would love, new bobbins, lots of elastic, more Heat & Bond, and marking pencils.   
I know these are for clothes making, but I am not sure how to use them. I plan to learn soon!
Heavy duty Fisker rotary cutter and attached measuring guide for fabric and a big box of applique patterns

As you can tell, I had fun shopping at the sale. What are some great deals you have gotten?