Friday, April 1, 2011

What Do You Do When You Have An Appendicitis? Quilt Of Course!!

I have been super excited to make a quilt for a friend of mine at work that is having a baby boy soon. Her shower was moved up with only a few days warning because baby Parks appears to be considering making his entrance into the world early. (Parks is his first name.) Luckily I already had my fabric gathered and design in mind. I wanted to make a strip quilt like the awesome one I had seen at Film in the Fridge. She has a mini-tutorial about how to make one here: Strip Quilt Tutorial. The problem was I started feeling sick last weekend and I wasn't getting much better.

I had been working this week in pretty bad pain, but didn't go to the doctor because I though I had too much to do this week. (Yes, stupid....I know! I cut all the fabric Tuesday night and pieced the front panel. Wednesday night I put together the back panel, basted the quilt, straight line quilted it, and completed the binding. I was sooooo not feeling awesome, but I thought I was being a Hypercondriac. I broke down and called my doctor Thursday afternoon and was sent straight to the ER. It turns out I have had an Appendicitis all week. They did an emergency Appendectomy immediately. Luckily I should be able to return to work in 3 or 4 days. I even got to come home around midnight the same night.

On a fun note, the surgeon said I had 2 Appendixes! In 20 years of practice he has never seen or heard of that and asked my permission to write it up in a medical journal. One was about to rupture, the other was fine. He took both out. He said I was "one of a kind". My parents have told me I was one of a kind for years, but are normally rolling their eyes at that same time. (haha)

The grey and black guitar fabric is Parks nursery fabric. The rest I picked myself. It is a mix of mainly Michael Miller and Moda prints with a couple others thrown in. I love, love, love the final product. (I can say that about my own creation without sounding vain.....right??)

I added 3 more bright strips to the back and bound it with a solid black fabric.

I wanted to include a picture of the piecing process. I literally just started cutting the fabrics into strips ranging from 2-9 inches each with no rhyme or reason to each. Then I laid them out on the bed and my hubbie helped pick the perfect placement for each.

A friend ordered this set as a gift for baby Parks. I made it the morning after my surgery, which provided a great distraction from the pain. He will be quite a stylin' baby boy! 


  1. Oh my gosh, Courtney! You are one amazing woman....I can't imagine doing all of that work in what had to be horrible pain and nausea! You are so darn lucky that that appendix didn't rupture! And how amazing that you had not just ne, but two appendixes...WOW! I'm glad that you're okay now, and I have to say that both the quilt and the outfits you made are super cute. You did an amazing job, my friend, and I'm sure that Parks' mother is going to be thrilled!



  2. Oh, wow! You are unique! Glad you are on the mend! Yes, sewing is such a great hobby~ I find so many situations where I can still do it despite ______!

  3. Wow! Good thing you arrived at the hospital in time, too. You now have a unique conversation starter for every party you attend :)
    Beautiful quilt! I'm sure it will be treasured!